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So I decided to take advantage of Steam’s Defiance free weekend. Hmm what do I say about this… I’d like to say I haven’t watched any of the TV show so I don’t know how cool it is and how it interacts with the game. 

Good things:

  • Combat felt ok. Definitely way better than APB. You can roll, jump, crouch, sprint, summon your car and gtfo… Lot’s of options.
  • Very huge areas with a vehicle given to you early on. More on that in bad things.
  • Audio/voice acting is alright. None of the characters really stood out as awesome. The BGM switches during battle to something more upbeat.

Bad things:

  • Huge area full of nothing. Like if I go up the ramp into that extra room there will never be anything there. No extra lore data, hidden objects… Kinda kills the fun of exploration
  • ENEMY SPAWNS. I’ve played this game for 3 hours and it’s gotten to the point where I pretty much know that if I complete an objective enemies are gonna pop in right around me out of nowhere. Doesn’t matter if I cleared the area, they are gonna spawn in out of thin air.
  • I don’t know what half the shit in this game does. Like this green currency I have been collecting. I have more of it than I have money. And I have no idea where I spend it. Now I am not a fan of super long boring tutorials but I think some little explanations would be nice. (At one point the game told me to melee a dude but didn’t tell me what key. It’s F btw. Crouch is C. I used the goddamn keybindings to find this out) Like there is weapon modification and half my inventory is mods but I can’t really do anything with them?

I have a feeling the quests might get a little boring after a while. The ones I played went like this: Drive to quest area, shoot some dudes, interact with quest objects, shoot more dudes that spawn on top of you, quest complete. That said I didn’t get bored in 3 hours which I more than I can say about SWToR. The menus are a little stupid and annoying to navigate. They remind me of ME1.

I wouldn’t spend $50 on this game despite it not having a monthly fee. Nothing really drew me in. That said I will be waiting for it to go on sale as it wasn’t a bad experience at all.

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