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50% of gamers are female my ass.

This poll has been run 6 other times since 2002 with similar results. I get that results can be skewed with a poll like this, but it’s crazy to assume it’s almost 50% off. I’d like to think that this poll is a little off and the actual % of female gamers is around 30% max. If that’s the case then why aren’t females voting/visiting the site? These polls can get 100k votes and still have 6-8% females. It’s possible that the large percentage of female gamers aren’t as hardcore and generally do not check gaming sites like this once a day. The number has been steadily rising though, in 2002 only 4.9% of the poll was female. I just can’t believe the 50% statistic when I see polls like this.

"But Crimson, maybe girls don’t visit one of the longest running and best gaming sites for walkthroughs, cheats and FAQs."

Yeah if you haven’t heard of GameFAQs do you even game.

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    There was a lot of variety in the numbers, I think the only way to make an accurate guess at the percentage of females...
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    Geez what a loooong tumblr post. Sensitive subject? Gamefaqs polls are anonymous and do not require a forum account to...
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    As someone who is female, a gamer and visits gamefaqs rather regularly for walkthroughs, I can safely say not once have...
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    re-reblogging for the additional commentary. Also, I want to see a survey that shows what percentage of new gamers visit...
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    Actually, I’m assuming this is a forum site? That adds a few reasons why the female population might be lacking,...
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    If you’ve ever played Solitaire and got kinda into it, you’re a gamer. Congrats.